Tuesday, April 4, 2017

24 Legacy Makes Me Crazy

I am ten episodes in so I believe I can make a comment about the series. All the previous seasons of  24 I loved...EXEPT for one thing which I posted over at Facebook.

24 LEGACY. I love you. I really do but DAMN. If I have to watch one of the most secure instalations on American soil get INFILTRATED BY MUSLIM TERRORISTS one more time I will go off my nut. The terrorists always rescue the prisoner that they want to rescue. They shoot their way out of evrything. CTU can't find them even though they have access to every single camera in the free world when it helps the story. AND AND AND they just happen to come across the guy running for President of the USA on the very NIGHT he is to say he is suspending his campaign. Now the evil Muslims have Jimmy Smitts. JIMMY SMITTS!!! It's such bad security I am surprised they didn't go cheap and hire the Banana Spilts to do the breakout. Hell, a crack elite unite of Girl Scouts could be in and out of that place with pockets full of cookie money in under a minute. CTU - TIGHTEN UP YOUR SHIT. I SAY THAT TO YOU EVERY DAMN SEASON AND STILL MY MEMOS ARE IGNORED.

Also, why don't they inject trackers into their butts so we can find them if he gets taken by Muslim terrorists in a marked van that no one in law enforcement can find.


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aproposofnothing said...

And every single f-n time it is a personal cell phone involved. Just block those signals and only allow use of CTU phones.