Monday, April 3, 2017

And So It Begins

Under the headline "Our Dishonest President", the rant begins: "It was no secret during the campaign that Donald Trump was a narcissist and a demagogue who used fear and dishonesty to appeal to the worst in American voters. The LA Times called him unprepared and unsuited for the job he was seeking, and said his election would be a 'catastrophe'.

"Still, nothing prepared us for the magnitude of this train wreck."

Claiming to represent "those who oppose the new president's reckless and heartless agenda" whose voices aren't being heard, the Times Editorial Board goes on to describe Trump's decisions as "immensely dangerous" and "radically wrongheaded".

"What is most worrisome about Trump is Trump himself," it reads.

"He is a man so unpredictable, so reckless, so petulant, so full of blind self-regard, so untethered to reality that it is impossible to know where his presidency will lead or how much damage he will do to our nation.



Tim Knight said...

And now he appears to be gearing up for war with North Korea. That'll end well !!!

jester59388 said...

Absolutely! What could possibly go wrong when going up against a country led by a childish, petulant, tantrum-throwing, narcissistic, totalitarian demagogue who has no interest whatsoever in the will or desires of the citizens of the country he leads, or the welfare of the nation or of the world.

And then, of course there's Kim Jung Un.....

DrGoat said...

It is and will always be a conundrum to me that people will vote against their own interests because they have been taught to hate the other side. Thanks to Carl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and especially Fox 'news'. Only the upper 5 or so percent actually benefit financially from this BS. For the rest, there is nothing. Just keep the hate and fear going. Truly dread.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yup...FOX news should be in jail for years of their bullshit and the real damage they did to the process of democracy.