Thursday, April 6, 2017

This Is Truly Dread

I bet Putin told him where to shoot so that he would hit NOTHING. Or a school full of orphans needing medical care. That would look great on the evening (fake) news. I almost don't want to go to look online but I am hooked into the Matrix just like the next person. I couldn't escape now even if I wanted to. Who was the asshole that told President Asshole that he could play with the missiles? He so reminds me of someone drunk on his own power. I wonder who that could be?


JDsivraj said...

Not liking this at all myself. The morality and ethics behind bombing people who were bombing people he has refused shelter in our nation because so they could escape bombing is curious at best.

In the cold calculus of economic reality I can't see a justification for the expense alone. The 59 missiles fired cost at least as much as 15 years of the federal portion of the meals on wheels program.

It's too expensive to help feed the infirm and elderly but we can afford to defend people we otherwise let drown, freeze, and starve overseas?

DrGoat said...

Not the greatest way to start the day. Bothers me that one minute he does a complete about-face concerning his views on Syria, then he's condemning them for the gas attacks, getting all teary-eyed about the women and children killed, and the next minute launches a strike against a target. Problem is, I have a very hard time believing him anymore about anything. His manufactured outrage and compassion for the people killed to me seemed to be disingenuous at best. I'm sure his ardent supporters are just besides themselves with glee. As far as the Senate using the Nuclear option to get their religiously right appointee to the Supreme court, that just proves republicans will do anything to make sure we are the asshole of the universe.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Well said, both of you. Just when we think things can't get worse they do.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I hope I live long enough to see Mitch McConnel fall. What an asshole douchebag. I never found a face I wanted to punch any more than his. And am I wrong or does CONGRESS get to approve these kind of missile strikes. President Obama begged them to let him use missiles to take care of Syria before Russia got ensconced and five million refugees spill into Europe destabilizing their society and taxing their resources and worse still - causing a rise in NATIONALISM and Muslim scapegoating. When I hear stories about the rise of neo Nazis and the rhetoric is the same as 1945. Damn Germany. I don't want to see you lose your minds like you did a couple times last century. But I am not judging. That was your grandparents time.