Saturday, May 18, 2019

Headlines This Week

Such hypocrisy to even put Jeebus and the idiot trump on the same coin. God wouldn't touch trump without wearing a hazmat suit and he is GOD. And you ask why I hate these fucks and their ability to suspend truth and reason for their own shallow self interests? If trump is the best person that God can make President then God needs to be fired and replaced by a deity that is less of a dumbass.
I wish people would get this worked up by something more important like your corrupt idiot maggot of a President but these are the times we live in. NONE of you will get what you want and trust me, the pain you feel now will never ever go away. Show me on the doll where GOT touched you in a bad way. Did they really think that human writers would be forced to change their masterpiece? It would make me insane if every caption I wrote was decided by committee. If you hate the show like I do, don't watch. I am sorry it's the only show on TV and there is nothing else people could be watching. I do understand that people get attached to things like this that they have invested many hours of their lives to only to be let down in the end. Welcome to LIFE.

Where is a cleansing fire when I need one?
We all need one of those brushes.
 We are right and truly fucked
I just can't even with this world anymore.
To some, Mayochup can translate to “shitfaced” or “shit is on my face”.
The guy next to him knows he's just shovelling shit.
Donnie never saw dead eagles.
Well except for this one that he had put to death.

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