Monday, May 20, 2019

Someone Needs To Inform This Dumbass That We Don't Allow His TYPE Into Canada

And by type I mean creepy, closeted evil homophobic douchebags who is SO in the closet that there is no longer room for his wife's shoes, which he likes to sniff when she is in the other room. Every "card' party with his only male friends (because his wife (Mother) will not let him be around other woman) always ends up with the fellas getting naked, cover in oil until Mother comes home and tells them to break up the man pile in her rec room - The same man pile that Pence insists at being in the middle of. Then they all take an hour shower together and head home.

Oh course we can also ban him for being a gutless coward who just follows every insane directive trump issues without any consideration for how said directive will hurt others like the poor, the children in cages, marginalized communities and of course anyone who identifies and LBGT.

Yes, because all women have 'rape' and 'abortion' on their bucket list.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a horrible, despicable, evil jerk.