Friday, May 24, 2019

Headlines This Week

This is just my opinion but this woman isn't all that attractive. Her plastic surgery looks botched. Maybe she could represent burn victims or those people who get a pet monkey and that monkey has ripped their face off. Then she can be the prettiest girl in her law office.
Yeh, this seems about right.
 Inky is an escaped criminal. If you see Inky turn him in.
Plus check out this numnut's security. Inky was gone the moment they put him in the tank. He didn't even need his tools. You people got lucky this time but Inky could have been one of those stinkin' octopus who holds a grudge and most all of them hold a grudge.

I can fix ignorance with education but I can't fix stupid with anything.
Educate yourselves. Be the great people you can be and teach this festering boil a lesson. You broke the world, America. Now it's time you got off your asses and fixed it. At least fix it to the point where the rest of us will be happy to work with you and help you. That of course is impossible when your leader is insane. Clean up your shit and let's all make this a better planet for everyone. And that includes the immigrant family that just moved next to you.
Stop using God to justify the very worst of your instincts and pick up a FUCKING BOOK before you speak or vote on any issue that affect half the population. THIS is why I hate evangelicals the most. After the Nazis and those who abuse woman and children the evangelicals go straight into the fire.
When will you dumbasses finally bail on this grifter and come to the side of truth, fairness and justice. Crush this bug, crush him into the ground so the next guy who gets the job will do it right purely out of fear of the people forcing him to live up to the LAW and the CONSTITUTION. Now is your time America. Be you badass or be you hillbilly dumbass. Choose. If you choose to remain with trump then you are lost to us. Your rhetoric is tired and I will no longer even converse with you. I would rather discus Moby Dick with the toaster for three hours.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You discuss Moby Dick with the toaster TOO?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I discuss that book with anyone stupid enough to want to try and read it without then wanting to kill themselves. It's insufferable.