Thursday, May 30, 2019

I Love Him

I LOVE HIM. I will name him Anubus and train him to fight the most unholy of dead creatures...THE MUMMY. And that is where Honey Glaze and Danger Cat 2.0 met him in Cairo during an outbreak of mummies. That is already better than most anything on TV today. If I set it in the Cairo Museum and film the episode there the production value on this episode shoots through the roof. I would watch that. Why am I not watching that?

"I should go with you and Danger Cat. I know everything about killing mummies. Not much else but I know how to kill a mummy. Mummies are evil and deserve only death for waking up and making all this trouble. So yeah. I really need to go with you guys if there is a chace I can kill some mummies. Did I say I know EVERYTHING about killing them. Let me get my pack. On the way I will tell you how we are going to kill all these  freakin mummies."


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