Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Headlines Of The Week

Really, Meth Gators. Now I have to worry about some eternally hopped up alligator who tries to take apart every toaster or blenders that he sees.
Great. FLESH EATING DISEASE. Now you can't go in the waters full of your fecal material which your refuse to figure out how to make it into cosmetics for vain girls. So great. Go swim and watch as your turn necrotic and gangrenous and after all that horror you get to see them cut off you limb to prevent the rest of your body going the same way. But you know what? That never stops the spread but they still keep coming to ask for arms and lets and tell  you this will fix what you got. It won't. Once you get the diagnosis, have a great night out and take all your medication at one time the next morning. Or if it's winter you can always freeze to death like the Little Match Girl. I hear that once you fall asleep you have the happiest dreams.

I see this on a table and I set the entire house on fire to prevent the spread of this kind of culinary thinking. EAT THE JELLO. STOP. THEN HAVE A COUPLE OF HOT DOGS. STOP.DO NOTHING WITH THE OLIVES.STOP. Where does the madness end? It ends HERE. THIS FAR NO FURTHER!! 


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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Doom, gloom and hot dog jello salad?!?!? It's all Trump's fault.