Monday, July 29, 2019

Robert Mayer, Author of One of The Most Influential Superhero Stories Ever, Superfolks, Dies at 80

You can read the article HERE. This book was very important to me as a 12 year old. I had no idea how unique and rare this subject was for novelists. This was long before anyone had concieved of the life of superheroes in the real world. This novel was highly influencial among some of the great comic book creators like Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore. It's the only book aside from Dune that I have read twice. I have too much that I am interested in to indulge myself in that way. But Superfolks is worth the effort.
Before there was WATCHMEN, there was SUPERFOLKS....

David Brinkley used to be a hero, the greatest the world had ever seen--until he retired, got married, moved to the suburbs, and packed on a few extra pounds. Now all the heroes are dead or missing, and his beloved New York is on the edge of chaos. It's up to Brinkley to come to the rescue, but he's in the midst of a serious mid-life crisis--his superpowers are failing him.

At long last this classic satire that inspired comic books like Watchmen and Miracleman is back in print. It's a hilarious thriller that digs deep into the American psyche.

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