Sunday, July 28, 2019

Headlines This Week

You can see the operation HERE.
Smoke that Old Toby, Sister Girls.
He's a shitty businessman?
What a shock.
What a fucking crybaby. Just when I think he can't become even a worse piece of shit than he already is he surprises me. You know people fall down airplane stairs and die everyday. Why oh why can't someone grease down those metal stairs with butter and do us all a solid. I just want to punch his fat head over and over again. I bet if a million people surrounded the White House he would quit in a week. Just chant LOSER over and over again until he goes nuts and butters those metal stairs himself just to make the voices in his head STOP. I I NEED an act of GOD to make this never ending nightmare go away. Remember how nice is was before dipshit here took over? I can barely remember those days.


j-swin said...

Yes, it seems like a strain to remember anything before the dark times.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those cannabis-growing nuns were featured on CBC awhile back. That's where I first heard of them.

DrGoat said...

j-swim kind of said it all.