Thursday, July 18, 2019

What's With The Grumpy Supergirl

Help me out here. In a world of entertainment choices I dumped all of the WB shows involving superheroes. In a perfect world I would love them but with all the garbage JR High romance they shove into half the episodes it gets pretty dull and quickly repetitive. Supergirl was really touch to watch with no likeable characters and a female lead who giggled and was naieve and bubbly and that works for five episodes then you get your shit together. Stop it with the cutesy flirting. YOU ARE DAUGHTER OF KRYPTON and you have responsibilities to your adopted world.

So I hated it and never watched after that.

But has her charcter changed and is that reflective in the new suit or is she just pissed off generally about still playing Supergirl and has lost her mind on set. Either explanation works for me.


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