Saturday, July 20, 2019

Musical Hero Johnny Clegg Dead At 66

On this heartbreaking day in my life, I think of all I learned from Johnny Clegg about humanity and justice and faith and love. He was one of he greatest men this planet produced. He used his words and music and example to change the world. If only more of us had his vision. We are less today in a world that cries out for heroes.

They called him The White Zulu because among the oppressed of South Africa he was a white South African, maybe one of the first ones to draw his line in the sand and say NO. I WILL race mix, I WILL love who I choose to LOVE and I will use my words and music to bring down this EVIL system. And damn if he didn't do just that. If you remember those times, you remember what South Africa used to be life. The worse of the US South enshrined in law. Johnny Clegg never played politics with me. He just shared his own experienced and encouraged to learn for myself. And when I learned I raged and I have been raging since. I mourn deeply for you Brother Clegg but your truth lives with me forever and I will spread it every opportunity I get.

For four decades, he broke down racial barriers through his music. This week, the legendary South African activist and musician, Johnny Clegg, died of cancer. He was 66. We spoke with Clegg in 2017 as he was in the midst of his global farewell tour — just before his final performance in Cape Town.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, I thought of you when I heard the news. I know he was a hero to you.

DrGoat said...

Sorry to hear this. Don't like to lose another good person. They seem to be in short supply lately.