Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Library Cat - A Literary Gangster Story

It's about connections. Relationships with the right people who understood that a library cat is an asset to their operations and made sure that he stayed in his position of power so she could retire, a beloved civil servant, and have a nice fat pension. Not to mention the Christmas bonus the city businesses put together so that she can keep them apprised of all the news that is relative to their operations.

Let's say a thug has killed your fiance. You need a name, or a location to start your hunt for vengeance? You first get a nice suit. And you then go visit your local library cat. Don't bring a gift. Just show your respect and be precise in your needs. It helps Library Cat cut through the crap faster. Don't waste Library Cat's time. Don't keep overdue books. Never mention to her than most of the books in the Library has been in someones bathroom. It skeeves her out.
DAMN...that is good writing. Why is LIBRARY CAT not on AMC? Tell you what bitches. I make all you media weasels the same deal. Let me write you the first six episodes of Library Cat, a Literary Gangster Story and I will do it for FREE. Then we renegotiate after the DEMAND for a season 2 causes fires and riots in some cities. I am not saying which. But some.

We start with a movie of the week about how this cat had to pull strings and cash in favors and do some pretty unsavory things to keep her place in the corrupt local city civil servant union. It's a good job for her and the dental is AMAZING. She still had three kittens that the couple she lived with decided not to adopt out so she needed the job. But she also wanted the job on the information desk because it challenged her skills at researching. She can find anything in the library that you would ever want to know. You have an interest in the most obscure bullshit you go see Library Cat.
Then the underworld discovered her skills. Someone needed to find the six fingered man who slaughtered his father (totally different story) so he went to see the Library Cat. He was successful in his vengeance. He gave Library Cat a good referral.. Soon Library Cat was THE Criminal Underworld's source of Information across the World. She controls it and if she can't find what you want to know then it can't be found.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Library Cat can play the Dark Web like a cheap violin. That's why she's the best.