Friday, October 25, 2019

Batwoman (Episodes 1 & 2)

I wasn't going to miss Batwoman since it had lesbians and Dougray Scott. Of course he's famously known as the man FIRST cast to play Wolverine in the X-Men movies but suddenly, because of John Woo's overshooting on Mission Impossible 2, he lost the role to Hugh Jackman. And the rest is movie history. I like to follow his career as some kind of sick hobby. But here, he is not terrible. He has a scene in part two that just broke my heart. Damn him.

Here he plays the father of Karen Kane who is our future Batwoman and cousin of Bruce Wayne. It's clear early on that she never knew that Bruce was Batman but of course she has skills and now the gear to become the savior of a city. He runs the city's security after Gotham was abandoned by Batman.

It's not revolutionary storytelling and pretty much follows the CW formula but it's still interesting if only to see the almost slavish devotion to the central themes about the character - She is a lesbian and that got her kicked out of the military school she was attending when her affair is discovered. The girl she got expelled for is now a MAN...but still loves our Kate. Ruby Rose really does get the emotional parts of the roles.


The fight choreography is serviceable like all the other CW shows but I hope they have a lot of subs for Ruby Rose because she won't last long getting beat up and strung up week after week.

Issues that should have taken episodes to develop are resolved pretty easily and the family drama and hammy overacting aside, these first two episodes weren't terrible - just underwhelming. I don't know what more I was expecting. It's nice to see the character get her own show and a chance to become a better known member of the Bat Family than she is currently.

The discovery of the Batcave under stately Wayne Manor is always a sweet moment when the bats start flying around. Old school detective skills vs New Age Spy Tech will clearly be a recurring theme of this show. Karen Kane's father runs the security service that provides protection for Gotham City but he must follow the law. Batwoman has no such restrictions.

There is also a Lucus Fox, who is the master of the Batcave. When he figures out how to turn on the long dead computer in the Batcave it's a pretty thrilling moment.

Death and redemption and legacy are heavy themes too. Kane wants to make sure that as a female Bat she gets the recognition her actions deserve. They really push that in the trailer but it's not hammered home to you in the two hour pilot, which for a Batwoman movie, is worth your time. Decide if you continue on with the series after that.

The Mark of Zorro, is the movie for the city in the park themed festival. Same movie Bruce saw before his parents were killed before his eyes. That was a nice touch for long time Batman fans.

Kate Kane will be part of the bit CW Crossover - Crisis on Infinite Earths, which has been in the works for months now and will premiere at Christmas. It's my favorite yearly thing that the CW does with their DC Universe properties. Many Supermen from TV and the movies, Linda Carter Wonder Woman and all the other bells and whistles will be thrown into one four night mini-series. Nothing but superhero action storytelling, some major character deaths (like in the comic book source material). Not a whif of junior high romance.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've got the first episodes on my DVR but have not had time to watch them yet. Ruby Rose did in fact get quite seriously injured on set doing her own stunts (back injury and surgery).

Jordan said...

John Woo, not Ang Lee.