Thursday, October 17, 2019


There was a time in my youth when I devoured the Jason Bourne books. In those novels by Robert Ludlum, Treadstone was the evil agency that created super soldiers like Jason Bourne in the first place. I loved all that stuff about secretly triggered sleeper agents who wake up to a whole new set of skills in both escape and evasion and usually are on the run for their lives. It's one of my favorite genres of storytelling. This TV series from USA Network takes us into the company who created these assassins and what happens to the weapons when they get released into the world to do damage years if not decades in the planning.

The brutal up close fight choreography is incredible as are all the behinds the scenes, spy stuff. Just my kind of programing. I love it when a plan comes together even if the person doesn't know they are part of a larger conspiracy. And I love the idea of a sleeper sleeper agent. And older agents that never die because some are playing the LONG game. This is the kind of show I wish I could talk about with another human being but my life is devoid of those.

The global locations are also pretty spectacular. The cast is full of mostly unknowns but all of them are game for the physical demands of their roles. The stuntmen must get combat pay because A LOT of punching is going on here. I learned it's much harder to kill someone with your bare hands than you would think.

I am sold on this one.

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