Friday, October 18, 2019

Witness To Love - The Further Adventures Of Honey Glaze and Danger Cat 2.0

On the next episode of The Further Adventures of Honey Glaze and Danger Cat 2.0. Danger and Honey protect an important federal witness against Mendoza. Danger and the witness, Princess Ocelot also fall in love after spending extended time hiding from mob killers sent to keep Princess Ocelot from testifying in Federal Court. As part of their escape plan the two end up in the world of high end jewelry and fashion sales, which in reality is a fence for laundering illicit drug profits of one FELIX MENDOZA, the world's most dangerous drug dealer.

Our story begins when a rare spotted female ocelot walks into the lunch courtyard of the US Marshalls office in Albuquerque New Mexico and immediately has guns pulled on her....

After her story is verified, the team protecting Princess Ocelot are mudered but she manages to escape into the city where she is not equipt to navigate, being a pampered trophy cat of a wanted drug dealer. As thugs try to steal her diamond necklace, she is saved by Danger Cat 2.0 and Honey Glaze who start a fight in a downtown bar and who themselves are saved by Princess Ocelot in return when they hide out at a high end fashion show. Honey gets to walk on the runway while carrying the two cats because Princess Ocelot knows the designer - EDNA MODE. (How is that for a bit of cartoon stunt casting?)

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