Friday, October 18, 2019

I Can Defeat This 'Side Effect'

Ran out of my crazy meds and now have two days of brain zaps to look forward to. Like cells are exploding all over my brain to destroy secrets I know. This is usually when I start to jump from multiverse to multiverse just to protect the knowledge I possess. I have to survive until Monday. And for those of you who think that one day you will land in a GOOD mutiverse in your life, you are an idiot. It never is good. Not ever once, no time....ever. In all my travels I know this to be sure. Every version of your life in all multiple Earths, is difficult. Some worst than others.

And there are more giant kitties on more counter Earth's than you can imagine. I wonder what happen to make this so common on certian worlds? Why can't we ride them instead of fearing them. I ask that same question each time I see a twenty foot tall house cat.