Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Message From Management

I had to share this comment because it really encapsulates just how lame my one sad little troll really is. This comment shows the level of wit I am dealing with here. It's not even worth the keystrokes it would take to reply. But this time I will make an exception.

This is an example of someone who is not just stupid but ignorant too. I can fix what is wrong with it's ignorance through education but STUPID? You can't fix stupid.

As the world burns Captain Confederate Nazi chooses to make it's point in the following way.



That is a level of cognitive dissonance that blows the curve apart.

There is a reason cities in the RACIST South are not burning as much as more cosmopolitan cities are. They don't give a shit about another dead person of color, ESPECIALLY one killed by a white cop who back in the day would be in the KKK just like them. In fact, a good racist cop that kept the darks in line would be Grand Dragon.

How could anyone believe that the Bob and Doug Launch would NEVER had happened if a DEMOCRAT was Governor? Isn't Space X a PRIVATE company? Isn't that something the GOP has been promoting so that the sweet government cash went to them and their billionaire buddies and not to NASA? Oh and that is done while creating - with a STRAIGHT FACE - a SPACE FORCE!

Because, of course, the Predator comes from space and we have to prevent him from killing more of our finest action movie stars. To them, Predator is a documentary.

So let's sum up. The good stuff only happens because of them. The bad stuff is the fault of the Democrats and anyone who hates Dear Leader. Trump and Pence and Fox News take no ownership for the world exploding right now.

In fact they made THIS guy the enemy of America while exploiting the system that allows their privilege to be extended.

Oh and the protests and fires of course are my fault too because I have a progressive and enlightened worldview. It's MY fault. Not the idiot trump, the guy with all the power. Not the Fake Fox News or the GOP who have spent and built their fortunes on creating a narrative so stupid that only my cowardly anonymous troll AND the idiot trump could fall for it.

That is why they will lose and we will win. It's over. It's just a matter of time now. Trump has exposed his weak underbelly and now we see all the rats run from this sinking ship starting with Lindsey Graham. Trump's has gotten them what they needed so they can cut him loose now while claiming they did everything to prevent even more damage from occurring under trump's watch.

That dog don't hunt anymore.

And what do you know, President Obama didn't have to come out of retirement to save us. We learned from the great man that if we stay the course, we can save ourselves.

Our cause is just and honorable and there are a whole lot of pissed off people who live in the remains of their lives while the Robber Barons got only richer during the pandemic. Civil strife is always good for business.

That dog don't hunt anymore either.

That is enough to unite our side and motivate our side. We will never get a better chance to change the world. I would like to see all the fires stop, though. We don't have to give up a single piece of the moral high ground to those assholes.

All I can do now is sit back and watch all the anger turn on the TRUE ENEMY of America. And THAT moment. That sweet, sweet moment is now going to be so much better because I know that somewhere, in a trailer park gay bath house, my sad little troll is suffering and can no longer get an erection.

We will win. They will lose. Nothing can prevent that now. Stay strong, my tribe. This whole nightmare is almost over. That is enough for me.


Caffeinated Joe said...

I used to think people like that were called shitheads, cause their heads were full of shit. Which may be true still, but I think it may really mean their heads are shoved so far up their own as, they are covered in shit. Both can be true.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Preach on, my Brother.