Friday, May 29, 2020

My Rant From A Part Of Quarantine That Is Not Currently Burning

That is the breaking point for me. If they got bad apples the whole batch looks bad. Call it crossing the blue line for Justice and cops can choose. Accept new restrictions like oversight and counselling and training and mental health awareness and ptsd avoidance. And again. More training.

Grab some LIVE PD cops. They do such an amazing job NOT getting killed themselves while diffusing dangerous situations that your Hillbillies get yourselves into. If I may quote one Sean Sticks Larkin - We dont' catch the smart ones. They uses their people skills and experience to weed out the good from the bad and some decisions are split second.

But there is some behavior that you see and we all see that makes you realize that the good cops have to help weed out those not cutting it or who have no longer the temperament to do such a high stress job. It's not for you. No shame. Maybe you are the best researcher on the force from a nice air conditioned building where you don't have to run after anyone. You just help your brothers in blue catch the bad guys...before you put your knee on a man's neck which kills him while he pleads with you that he can't breath or speak because you had cut off his air supply and blood supply to his brain.

 And we all saw it. I say wake up white people. This is our Come to Jeebus Moment where we make a decision. Do we allow this behavior to continue or do we stand with our Brothers and Sisters or color because they are not our enemy. Old ways of thinking and damaged psychopaths with something to prove are the first things that need to go.

Every city in AMERICA should have a live PD channel to follow the cops on the same calls the real calls that they go one every week. LIVE PD is not FAKE NEWS for Christ sake. The footage would allow the good cops to teach by example. Show the kind of behavior they are fighting in YOUR city and have some positive role models. First Responders over Athletes, Billionaire, Retarded Presidents and their boot licking class of evil Robber Barons. But that is a conversation for another time. I hear Washington D.C. is the most flammable city in America. And with all that spray he uses on his hair and face then Dear Idiot may be the most likely to catch on fire if he gets close to a spark.

Damn I wish I could hear what Lt Danny Brown thinks of all this madness. Righteous anger and MADNESS. I don't not truck with anything that cop did because I saw it. You all saw it. WE have all the power here. We currently are abusing it to burn some shit and loot some shit and yes, display their rage by taking fire to the whole damn world. Don't any of you watch popular entertainment?? All the shows we love the best features characters who only want to burn the world down. It's a miracle their aren't more fires.

COME TO JEEBUS MOMENT. Listen up White People. If our white privilege give us any power to FORCE change then now is the time to use it. Time to make a choice. And mean it. Take some small action in your little corner of the world. And mean it. Or the World burns will continue to burn.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

That political cartoon says it all.