Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Rants From Quarantine

I wish he would magically vanish after sunset. Every single day, somewhere in this world, a person is killed by a TIGER. I hope it's you day soon. you retard. Then go to a hospital where people are dying of the disease and French kiss them. Breath in the air inside their ventilator to test your theory. If you are alive you July 4th I will actively support your cause. But I a pretty sue that is one bullshit promise I will never have to keep. Someone close to the idiot trump had to catch it and I really hope this muppet would race to the front of the list.

This turned out to be a pretty good day. I really would like Joe Biden or someone decide that NOW is the time when you attack the wounded bloated and simple beast. Don't give him another day to squirm out of this one. Use his kids, they are adults, they knew the game going in. I wish Jared and Erik were in a gay love affair, something I have heard A LOT of people talking about, important people. All I am saying lets start an investigation and find every picture of the two of them in the same room talking to each other alone. You know the right one will show up if we do the research. You know you want to do it but we won't do it because we are pussy ass bitches. We have NOTHING to fear from these humps (well at least I don't) so why don't we smash them into the ground then stomp on their heads and make them cry??? And by violence I mean political campaign violence but actually violence works for me as well.

You know that in desperation, the orange skinned bloated walrus is at his most dangerous. He will spin such shit in his mind that can only end with him pushing the button and nuking himself. Now while that seems like a choice and dramatic Hollywood ending to this who nightmare we have endured for far too long, you have to consider the post nuking of Trump effects like nuclear winter, radiation poisoning, and environmental effects that could last for centuries. I saw Chernobyl so I would hope you Hillbilly dumbasses have a plan to prevent this toddler in chief access to any loaded weapons. If you let him run free YOU will be the one who suffers, not him. Never him. One day is bumfuckery will reach you or someone you care about.

What? Hillbillies can find love and be in love especially when they both come from the same trailer park so they don't have to rent a hall or walk very far. They can just put up the Christmas lights and it would be just like Disneyland. But that will never happen because you voted in the worst human being we as a species every produced. Hitler lied less and there was no video of him saying the opposite of what he just said. He believed his bullshit and ran with it. Trump is like some resident of the Nursing Home trying to put together a Christmas show he lights more fires than he ever puts out because he can't handle the pressure, he trusts no one and those he trusts just lie to him to enrich themselves.

That is fucked up. But this is our reality. This would be terrible in any normal times but under the shadow of Death, it does seem that we are being tested. And we are going to fail that test. (Well you will because only a Hillbilly breaking quarantine can bring about ROUND TWO of this pandemic. But it will be okay. The millionaire athletes will be playing their games for your amusements. Bread and Circuses. Right? Yet, you have to bread because Jeff Bezos has ALL the bread and wants more. He's just one example. That felt good to get out. Thank you for being a retard I can count on to say something so stupid that it get's my attention. Because I hate you too so bashing you is a healthy release of my homicidal emotions that your face evokes. Now where did I put those frozen oranges?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have you never heard of paragraphs, man?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

HA HA...you are right. I will do that in the future. But I tend t go all stream of consciousness.