Thursday, May 28, 2020

Justice League Dark Apokolips

You know from the beginning of this one that the Justice League as we all know them is going to be forever changed by a pre-emptive strike on Darkseid, the Thanos of the DC Universe and his home world of Apokolips. Two years later the Earth is in ruins and John Constantine is drunk. Darkseid has destroyed the planet. This is the story of how the survivors deal with their guilt.

John Constantine is the person we follow the most as the survivors take one last shot at saving whatever remains. Strange allies gather and it's more adult with plenty of adult humor, blood and violence and a possible homosexual relationship between John Constantine and King Shark.

Raven is the key to matching the power of Darkseid but she is tormented by her Father Trigon who she has imprisoned.

This may be the finest list of vocal talent that the DC Animated Universe  has ever gathered together. The animation is also solid and adopts the DC House Style. I know there is an Oscar for animated movies but there should also be one for this kind of vocal talent. That must exist, right?

The story is very compelling. I like the way friends were turned against friends when some heroes were not killed by Darkseid after the first battle, they were just converted into his loyal minions. The design work here is imaginative and strong.

This animated feature would make a great live action movie in a different Universe because DC Animation has been building up their animated universe to pay off like Avenger's Infinity War and Endgame did after ten years of live action movies. This does that impressively. Every hero you know and love gets a significant and interesting story arc, even some of the minor ones. There is a lot going on here but you don't need to be an expert on the DC Universe to enjoy this film. It's all about pain and fear and revenge and sacrifice. All the things that make for a good super hero adventure. And some fancy magiks that John Constantine can never fully control.

Don't be fooled that this is a superhero movie for the little ones. It's pretty scary and bloody with many scenes of blood, mutilation and death. Teen and adults who have followed the evolution of this animated Universe will be very satisfied with the way things end.

This one is worth the time and effort. Hit me right in the feels.

Dark: Apokolips War serves as a fittingly epic finale to this era of stories, and boasts a downright unmissable performance from Matt Ryan as Constantine.

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