Thursday, May 28, 2020

Why Haven't I Seen This Already?

I am obsessed with this movie. A lost gem in the pandemic that killed movie theatres. I should have SEEN this already know...that thing...and I haven't seen this because no one in Da Hollywood can't figure out a business model that doesn't involve theatres.

David Harbour as Red Guardian. Bitch, PLEASE! Were is that guy's Oscar? Popular Films Oscar. See, that is a good idea.

So find a way to release this to me in a convenient way. Well not me specifically but all the rest of you deserve to see this too. That Scarlett sure does the stunt work like she's Charlize Theron. WHY haven't I seen this already. MAY 2020 IS ALMOST OVER! Maniacs. This is MONEY and still I wait. I hope you don't fuck up Wonder Woman 84. But you will because you are Da Hollywood.

I think if I miss out on BOTH Black Widow AND Wonder Woman 84 in one calendar year I will lose my damn mind and go homicidal. Why can't I pay FIVE DOLLARS to see this now? Why? Someone give me a good answer. YOU WILL MAKE BILLIONS with a B. Now that is REAL F-YOU money.

P.S. Release the damn movie.

San Dimas High School Football RULES!

"We are FAMILY! We fight WITH you." 
- Red Guardian - David Harbour - Black Widow

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