Tuesday, March 9, 2021

How Do We Get ROM Into The MCU?

The last scene of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 shows Star Lord looking at the robot in his ship and asks, "Who's the Robot?" Rocket gives quill that look at informs him that this is not a ROBOT, It's a SPACEKNIGHT! Then ROM turns his head and his eyes glow red.

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Tim Knight said...

ROM will never be in the MCU, because Marvel no longer have the licence to use him. That's why recent comic book outings have been with IDW.

Excerpted from article from Digital Spy:

"The character was licensed by Marvel from a Parker Brothers toy (now owned by Hasbro). While Marvel created Rom's entire story out of nothing, the license eventually expired. This has prevented any reprints of the Rom: Spaceknight comic and has no doubt helped maintain the character's popularity and mystique over the years.

A Rom movie is actually in development, with Paramount reported to be working with Hasbro on the project. But the film is unlikely to feature any of the elements from the original Marvel stories, and will not be a crossover with the MCU."