Saturday, May 30, 2009

Die Phantom Der Oper

I am not ashamed to admit that I LOVE the movie 'Phantom of the Opera' based on the Andrew Lloyd Webber stage musical which I have seen three times. Gerald Butler and the beautiful Emily Rossum are the perfect Christine and Phantom for my tastes. I downloaded the movie to replace the version I accidentally deleted and it was the GERMAN edition. So being the adverturous soul I am I watched the german movie knowing all the enlish lines and songs and it was DAMN COOL to see the songs sung in another language with the german subtitles. Not that this will become a habit cause German is not the prettiest language out there - and I feel the same about my native Ukrianian so its not a slight on the fine German people. I lived in Germany for five years as a military kid and love the German people and culture - if only they wouldn't loose their fricken minds twice every century all would be good. Try not to be caught up in the beauty and romance of this part of the movie. She is so beautiful.


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Sometimes its scary how similar our sensibilities are. Thanks for the share.