Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great Figures From Gabriel

These date from the 1970s and were some great figures. The extra play sets come with a ton of accessories and I always appreciate that. Just look at the box art - beautiful. The Silver and Scout horses have nicely detailed saddles and have the legs that can be moved to create action. The clothing looks good and I like figures with cloth costumes. They are still ACTION FIGURES regardless of what Ms Lisa Mynx might says. I always say that about the superhero Barbies in my collection but no one ever takes my side. Haters! But I love my dolls. Does that make me a nancy boy? Well I do have a Barbie Corvette that I found at a garage sale but it currently has two 12 inch Joes driving it and one has his 50 calibre machine gun on the hood and grenades hanging from the rear view mirror. Take THAT bitches!

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