Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Holy Grail

Of all the figures I want in my collection it may sound strange to admit that this is the one. Its the Oscar Goldman from the Six Million Dollar Man line. He was Steve Austin's and Jamie Summer's boss on the show. Wings reminded me that he played the same character on two networks when the Six Million Dollar Woman moved to NBC. For a TV doll, this one really looked just like actor Richard Anderson which was a rare thing. The coolest accessory included was the 'exploding briefcase'. Depending on how you opened it it would either show papers or a burned out case. This to me was beyond cool. And just look at that plaid jacket and turtleneck sweater - the height of 70s fasion in one figure. Since when do they make a figure of a hero's BOSS? He also came with one of the first bluetooth headsets as you can see here.


Wings1295 said...

Oscar was also Jamie's boss on the Bionic Woman, eventually appearing on two different networks as the same character, when Bionic Woman moved to NBC.

Oscar deserved his own figure, he was a great character!

Darius Whiteplume said...

I had that! I so remember the briefcase now. I didn't really like Oscar. I thought he was kind of a dick, being the boss and all (a trait I carried to what some call "adulthood").

I used to put the Oscar clothes on Steve Austin. He was pimpin' in the green turtleneck!