Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Meal Toys

I just looked upon the new Happy Meal toys for the film 'Night at the Museum 2". The movie looks great but I am disturbed by the look of one of the toys that depicts a giant octopus who himself must have a part in the movie. If things stick to form then they will make it a hero instead of the villian of the peice that it should be. I may just have to get this figure when it is released so that I can use my scuba divers to fight against it when I take my tub. I will add a picture of the octopus when I find him but until then watch the trailer and check out this flash presentation that shows him in all his evil. In fact seeing it jump in the reflecting pool only means a battle with the giant stone Lincoln of the memorial. FINALLY the Great Emancipator joins the he would have...if he was still alive...and the slaves were free...and a giant octopus threatened all of us.


Wings1295 said...

I would be more interested in what Einstein would think of himself as a bobblehead in a Happy Meal!

Michael May said...

My son is boycotting the movie due entirely to the octopus. The first one's one of his favorite movies of all time, but he's staying far far away from the sequel. No joke.