Monday, May 25, 2009

Famous Firsts

First Job: Had a paper route when I was 13. Delivered 100 papers a day and I loved it the worse the weather got. Kept repeating that postman’s creed in my head.

First Real Job: Working as an instructor and NCO at Cadet Camp Penhold. Taught basic training, drill, sports and photography.

First Car: 1977 Volkswagen Beatle - White - got for my 17th Birthday. White with black stripe down the front. 13 dollars of gas a month.

First Record/CD: Always had them around but first I bought for myself was Trooper - Hot Shots.

First Sport Played: Hockey like every good Canadian boy

First Concert: Trooper at the Kinsmen Center Brandon Manitoba 1977

First Foreign Country Visited: West Germany - 1972 - Lived in Lahr for 5 years.

First Favourite TV Show: Friendly Giant

First Favourite Actor: Birdman - the cartoon character - Didn’t distinguish between real and animated back then.

First Favourite Actress: Kim Richards of the 'Escape to Witch Mountain' movie. She was just adorable and always seemed to be on TV at the time.

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Tara Crandall. Was suppose to tell her that my friend Danny Dugan wanted to break up with her but spent the whole night trying to figure out how to go from the chair I was in to the couch she was sitting on. First girl I kissed. Best romantic experience was walking in the snow with her.

First Encounter with a Famous Person: I met Prince Charles at the 1977 World Scout Jambouree in P.E.I. He was visiting a few Canadian scout troops and all the foreign ones. We came from West Germany so he thought we were foreign. We were laughing about burning our Jiffy Pop popcorn and he just was there talking and laughing with us. We tried to speak German so that he wouldn’t feel bad about his mistake but he caught on pretty quick. Then he bought us lobster and showed us how to cook and eat them and joined us for dinner he was so taken with us.

First Brush With Death: Jumped the train to travel from Shilo to Winnipeg on a boxcar when I was 14. It was a great adventure that was totally spur of the moment. Didn't feel like we faced death but we could have easily fallen off the moving train. Many years later I was also shot at - an incident which blinded a friend of mine. We were in a bar parking lot and mistaken for someone who had gotten into a fight with a bar patron. I still have shot in my head from that incident and was lucky to get out alive.

First Film Seen: 'Aristocats' in the theatre and 'Diamonds are Forever' at the drive-in.

First Favorite Recording Artist: Queen

First Favorite Radio Station: Base radio in Lahr. Played everything and did a great rock show after school each day. At Christmas they did a show where they read kids letters to Santa that was so well done that you actually believed that it was coming from the North Pole.

First Book I Remember Reading: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

First Comic Book - Batman 274 - ‘How Many Ways Can A Robin Die?’

First Action Figure - Marx - Johnny West Figure.


Booksteve said...

Not to belittle the train and/or shooting incidents, I gotta say I LOVED THE FRIENDLY GIANT!!! It was on NET (National Educational Television)back before it was even PBS here in the US and I don't think I've seen even a photo of it since about 1970 so thanks for that!!!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

The coolest thing about Friendly Giant was the little furniature he would arrange in front of the fire at the start of each episode. Also the two jazz kitties that are not shown with Rusty the Rooster and Jerome the Giraffe in that pic. They were the coolest man.

Wings1295 said...

Never heard of The Friendly Giant. Interesting. And quite an interesting bunch of firsts you have there! Wow. I am in awe!

Reis O'Brien said...

Excellent first action figure!

Ben Varkentine said...

You know Kim Richards is aunt to Paris Hilton?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

OMG Ben...that sounds SOOOO wrong.