Sunday, May 31, 2009

Iron Chef Octopus Battle

Sometimes you know you are just living right. You have a birthday tomorrow which basically means that the entire world will shift focus from their petty problems and pause momentarily to truly appreciate the way that you have defended the world and saved us all from the various terrestrial and interterrestrial menaces that could have doomed us at anytime. AND there will be cake! Then out of the blue you see an episode of the great Food Network show IRON CHEF where the theme ingredient is live octopus and you get to see them minced, sliced and diced while still alive. Its was the feel good moment of the year. Do you SEEEE how the tentacles STILL MOVE when they are fully detatched from the body? That is not normal for anything not possessed. They are the zombies of fish. Hard to change color and hide in a SOUP isn't it buddy? The only thing that would make this better would be if my mail order bride from the Ukrain arrives without postage due and actually alive in the box this time. Next time - air holes.

And for those of your bleeding hearts out there who eat your burgers and KFC where the animals are taken out in much more gruesome ways remember that if it was between you and an octopus he would have you in the stew pot so quick. If I needed another visual way to show you the truth of my point check out this image by the great Wally Wood from Booksteve's site.

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Wings1295 said...

Ugh - I think I threw up a little!