Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Comrade Numnut

I got no problem with a bridge coming down because it was poorly designed and built. I do, however, have a problem WITH THE NUMNUT WHO IS CROSSING THE BRIDGE WHILE IT IS ROCKIN' AND ROLLIN'!! Some idiot just walking across on his way to the pub no doubt. Did he even think for a second that maybe the bridge wasn't all that safe? Maybe Russian bridges do this all the time so it was normal to feel the waves buckling the concrete under his feet. Did he think about how he was getting home if the bridge were to collapse? My nominee for the Darwin Award for the month of May.

"Russian authorities shut down a seven-kilometer-long bridge over the Volga River in Volgograd last week after it started to wobble. Floodwaters loosened one support, which affected the stability of the entire bridge, which is the longest in Europe. The video is reminiscent of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge just before it collapsed. The Volgograd bridge was completed less than a year ago."



M. D. Jackson said...

Numnut? Nyet! That Russki'e got more balls than all of us put together. He is one Slav who knows no fear!

Ahhh, you're probably right. He's probably just an idot Russian who ran low on vodka and had to cross the bridge to get some more.

Pat Tillett said...

scary and funny. That guy was walking like it happens everyday.