Monday, May 24, 2010

My Favorite Mutant - Colossus

I always liked his shiny look. Nothing but strength and invulnerability. The blunt end of the spear and one of the great 'strong men' on any comic book team.

His background is simple and his character is unique. He is not only a mutant but a simple Russian farm boy. He always had that sense of wonder about the world outside of his collective. This makes him perfect for 'fish out of water' stories.

Despite his enormous power, he is gentle and kind. Loyal to his friend but not ruthless to his enemies. He is one of the greatest X-Man and can hold his own with fanboy favorite Wolverine.

I would love to see him be the star of a superhero movie or have a bigger role in the ones we know already are coming out. His moments in the X-men movies were memorable but too small for my liking.

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MJenks said...

Colossus was my favorite, too. We had similar life stories...dead sister, brother on the wrong side of the parents are still alive and, as far as I know, the garden still exists and is far smaller than the collective, but still...I had a lot in common with Petey.

Sorry for the lack of timeliness...just getting caught up.