Saturday, May 29, 2010

The War Is Making You Poor Act

From the shattered economy to the oil spill in the Gulf, America is up against some of its worse times in the history of that nation. Until the stranglehold that the corporations and the military/industrial complex has on that nation can be broken there are no forseeable good times on the horizon.

I am a student and concider myself an expert on American politics and government. So I hurt just as much as my US brothers and sisters do when I see how poorly they are treated.

Cogressman Alan Grayson(D) of Florida, is one of the good ones that I wish more people would listen too. I have been following his career intensly because the man has more great ideas in one week that I have seen come from any other person in government in all this past year. He is a lone voice in the wilderness and powerful special interests will always keep him down but that doesn't mean that he is going to let himself become part of the problem.

This is his latest bill. Check it out and tell me this isn't a great idea. Even the most strident tea-bagger or far right conservative can't find fault with his plan if they are honest with themselves.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan is just sucking up blood and treasure and the spill in the Gulf is becoming a disaster of biblical proportions. Those who care NOTHING about the average American citizens seem to have all the power to cheat and steal until their pockets are overflowing. How much profit is ENOUGH?

"by Rep. Alan Grayson

On May 30, 2010, at 10:06 a.m, the direct cost of occupying Iraq and Afghanistan will hit $1 trillion. And in a few weeks, the House of Representatives will be asked to vote for $33 billion of additional “emergency” supplemental spending to continue the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

There will be the pretense of debate — speeches on the floor of both chambers, stern requests for timetables or metrics or benchmarks — but this war money will get tossed in the wood chipper without difficulty, requested by a president who ran on an anti-war platform. Passing this legislation will mark the breaking of another promise to America, the promise that all war spending would be done through the regular budget process.

Not through an off-budget swipe of our Chinese credit card.

The war money could be used for schools, bridges, or paying everyone’s mortgage payments for a whole year. It could be used to end federal income taxes on every American’s first $35,000 of income, as my bill, the War Is Making You Poor Act, does. It could be used to close the yawning deficit, supply health care to the unemployed, or for any other human and humane purpose.

Instead, it will be used for war. Because, as Orwell predicted in 1984, we’ve reached the point where everyone thinks that we’ve always been at war with Eastasia. Why?"

I like him better with his goatie. That is the facial hair that goes with a crusader.

4 comments: said...

Yeah, the goatee adds distinction.
If only he wasn't a lone voice. I can no longer be in denial that Obama is a huge disappointment.
Thanks for this post.
Be glad you are Canadian.
Did I mention I'm half Canadian? I should've stayed there the last time I visited.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Well you are welcome to stay here anytime you like.

Obama is a big letdown to me also. I so wish he wasn't such a scared little mouse.

vancouver mark said...

I always say before the American elections, "I think they'll be OK as long as the next president isn't a Republican or a Democrat."
Unfortunately they do keep choosing one or the other, so it all just keeps continuing. There's not a lot of choice involved between Coke and Pepsi.

Before the election, Obama said that he was firmly in favour of pre-emptive war (meaning we can attack any country at any time that we feel might ever do us any harm in any way), that he considered Israel's right to exist more important than the human rights of its citizens or those of any citizens in all the countries around it, and, oh yes, he accepted some very large campaign contributions from British petroleum.
The man is a smooth-talking smoothly photogenic sock puppet, with a big nasty hand up his ass, making him dance and sing as they dictate. And when his masters are ready to bring him down, they will.

He serves them just as willingly as George W did, he's just being the good cop instead of the bad cop. Look at how his wife made the devil's hand sign immediately after the election, on the cover of Vogue.

Anyone who expected anything different from him is either blind or a fool.
imho etc...

M. D. Jackson said...

Have to agree with Vancouver Mark (although I don't think Michelle's "Devil" sign is really significant.

Unfortunately both democrats and republican's are determined to make more government regulation on everything rather than less. And more and more political decisions pander to special interests, both business and other NGO's.

I give America another 50 years before the decline begins in earnest, then it's "Barbarians at the Gate" time.