Monday, May 24, 2010

Short Cuts

I did watch the series finale of 'Lost' last night but for the life of me I can't remember any of it today. Is that weird? I remember bits and pieces but overall I couldn't tell you what happened or what it all means. I mentioned the word PURGATORY in my review of the early episodes of the first season and I guess I was right all along. But that memory thing still freaks me out.

How the hell do the gods arrange everything so that Lindsay Lohan can be put in a position where she should go to jail and she ends up escaping incarceration AGAIN? ("I lost my passport" was such a lame excuse - even "I am on my period" is better) I so want her to go away for a couple of years and then come out and use her experience to make a series of movies set in a woman's prison. You know the type with a cruel warden who keeps tigers as pets.

'24' ends it's TV run tonight. I have many fond memories of this show. I liked the 'real time' set-up. I like how they showed that a black president (David Palmer) could be a cool thing. (I know it earned Obama some votes when he ran). I like how Jack was all but invincible. I will miss Bauer as a character. Say what you want about his violent solutions to the problems he encountered. The man knew how to get the job DONE. You would have acted pretty much the same way if you had experienced even ONE of the crappy days he had and he had EIGHT pretty crappy days. I was sad to see that Elisha Cuthbert had nothing to do with Day 8 but was relieved that her role as professional kidnap victim was put to the side for once. When I first saw that Jack now had a granddaughter I feared the worst. What will I do now for the cathartic release that '24' gave me? I guess now I will have to solve my problems non-violently. Where is the fun in that?

Well, I called it. All this Victoria Day long weekend we had cold and crappy weather that miraculously turned warm and sunny Monday evening. It's the one weather prediction you can make in Western Canada that always comes true. Someone back in our past really pissed of some aboriginal weather god and we 21st century Canadians are paying for it. It can't be a native curse because they too would have to be outside in the bad weather they cursed the white man with. They never even knew about RVs back then. It's all very strange.

Brittany Murphy's husband was found dead today just five months after the young actress passed away. We can expect several delicious conspiracy theories to come out of all this and I for one hope they are creatively bizarre.

Seems like there will not be a Canadian based hockey team in this year's Stanley Cup finals. Sure, many of the players going for the cup are Canadian but it's not the same. I remember a few weeks ago that we had the hope for a Canucks (west)/Canadians (east) final. It's felt like forever since the cup came home. It's one of those few things that really bug us as a nation.

I, however, am happy today. Someone made a torrent of all the eight episodes of 'Kid Notorious'. Such a wicked cool animated program. Producer Robert Evans having adventures with his next door neighbor Slash, his stuffy butler, his foreign housekeeper/cook and of course Puss Puss, the joint rolling kitty. It could be the greatest cartoon you have ever seen. Do I mean that? You bet your ass I do.

I just watched the first ten minutes of the 'Bachelorette' and I notice once again that none of her potential suitors are any color other that white. That show is so Aryan you would think it was made in 1938 Berlin. Are there no good looking black, Hispanic or Asian guys out there? She can eliminate them if she wants but at least give a brother a chance! Way to enhance stereotypes ABC. Who do you think you are? NBC?


M. D. Jackson said...

I for one am happy that poor bugger Jack Bauer will finally be able to get some sleep. Unless he dies, of course, then he's just that poor bugger who never got any sleep.

The Lindsay Lohan prison picture will likely have a dance number. That worked for Elvis but I don't think it will work for Lindsay.

It's been so long since the cup has been in Canada I think it is in danger of losing its citizenship. Even William Shatner and Keifer Sutherland have logged more hours on this side of the border than Lord Stanley's Cup has.

Cheeseboy said...

I thought Lost was great. The purgatory thing was only in the alternate reality. Everything that happened on the island actually happened.

As for Lohan.... She's had way more than her share of ten minutes. she needs to just go away.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Since they are talking about a feature length movie for Jack Bauer he has no chance of dying but he will end up in jail for that awesome body count he has racked up this year.

Kelly Sedinger said...

Spoiler: Jack doesn't get to sleep. Poor guy.

I watched the LOST finale, and maybe since I didn't follow the series I wasn't invested in the characters and thus didn't tap into the emotion at the end, which mainly struck me as a lot of manipulative stuff (who wouldn't tear up when that dog comes bounding out of the jungle?). It seemed slick to me, kind of Our Town meets The Five People You Meet In Heaven, coupled with the creators' built-in excuse for everything they never bothered to explain: "Well, it's all life-death-afterlife allegorical stuff. Logic doesn't enter into it!"

A lot of die-hards seem to love the finale now, but I'll be interested to see how they feel about it as time passes. I'm not sure that show is going to age very well.

Wings1295 said...

I think I am loving the LOST finale more now that I have had a day to process it all. And the island life was real, it all mattered. The only 'purgatory' was the sideways world.

Nomad said...

Sorry it's actually the 21st century not the 22nd. Buzz kill I am.

MC said...

I was completely satisfied by the 24 finale. Surprised and satisfied.

Nathan said...

I don't think Lindsay Lohan using her period as an excuse for anything would work. Do you really think she still has a functional reproductive system after all the drugs she's done?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I agree with you MC. 24 had a great ending and perfectly leads into the reported '24' movie. Jack is never better than when he is on the run. I loved that big screen stuff and the way he looked up for some hope from the heavens that wasn't coming for him. Finally, he only had himself to rely on and he had to make his own luck. I will miss that magnificent bastard.