Monday, June 27, 2011

Crazy King Ludwig And His Castles

June 13th was the 125th Anniversary of the death of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, my spiritual homeland. You can see all the pictures with descriptions HERE.

A hundred twenty-five years ago, Bavaria's "Maerchenkoenig" (or "Fairy-tale King") Ludwig II died under very mysterious circumstances at the age of 40, his body found floating in Lake Starnberg, south of Munich. Today, Ludwig remains famous for the castles he built and attempted to build, most notably Neuschwanstein Castle, perched high in the Alpine foothills. The king was a romantic, a friend and suporter of composer Richard Wagner, and he hired theatrical set designers rather than architects to design his castles. More absorbed in his personal world than state affairs, Ludwig spent most of his time on his own projects -- emptying his personal coffers -- and left his ministers frustrated by his inattention. When his cabinet accused him of insanity, he was placed in custody after a brief showdown at Neuschwanstein Castle, and was taken to a castle next to Lake Starnberg. The following day, while out for a walk, Ludwig disappeared, his lifeless body discovered hours later. The death was declared a suicide, but many have rejected that ruling, and the demise of this popular king remains a mystery to this day.


Unknown said...

I've been to both castles. I have to say the castle "on the hill" was mech...the winter one is where it is at. I love the mystery that surrounds him and have done my fair share of random googles on him.

Belle said...

Beautiful countryside and gorgeous castles. Too bad he didn't live longer to enjoy them. Interesting story.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

He was a true dreamer and left quite a legacy.