Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TV Times - Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie (SHOWTIME) is a great half hour (?) about a drug addicted nurse in a big city hospital. It stars the immortal Eddie Falco as Nurse Jackie and one of the best ensemble cast working today.

Family, co-workers, patients, hospital administrators all figure into her insane life and the incredible pressures she has existing as both a mother and a nurse and a wife and a friend.

The brilliant thing about the show is that Jackie does it all while being the best nurse in the world. She has the ability to instantly size up an emergency situation or a conflict and solve the problem in the best way possible. If only she could use those powers on her real life issues for which she is powerless to ever get right.

She has infidelity in her marriage, drug secrets and one daughter who is on medication while the younger one is a firestarter.

The end of season 3 was a masterpiece of dramady where once again circumstances allowed Jackie to not avoid any real repercussions for her selfish actions.

I also just adore ZOEY played by Merrite Wever. The way she is so plucky and good is the perfect counterbalance to all the insanity going on in that emergency room. She says the wrong things at the wrong time but is so totally guiless that you can't help but to love her lack of filter.


Daisy said...

Zoey is my very most favorite character on that show!!!!

Sarah said...

Zoey is awesome, but Akilitus cracks me up with her brazen & blunt words.