Monday, June 20, 2011

In Plain Sight

I don't know how this show became such an important part of my life. I can barely keep the days straight as it is but ever since I became emotionally attached to Mary and everyone else connected to her character, I know exactly when a new episode of 'In Plain Sight' is on.

Mary McCormack plays Mary, a US Marshall working out of the Albuquerque field office who is responsible for individuals in the Witness Protection Program. It's a different kind of police show. Instead of focusing on procedure, it is more interested in the complications that arise in the relationships Mary has with her partner, her family and the often quirky clients she is sworn to protect from criminals who would do them harm.

Since the show began I have delighted at the cynical soaked ennui that Mary uses to connect with others in her life. She has no filter that keeps her from saying things that she should keep to herself. It wouldn't be so bad if everyone around her weren't so messed up and thus perfect targets for her profound disappointment with life. That disappointment coming from the way her father abandoned his family and became a criminal fugitive. It the pain that fuels everything that Mary does.

Her ex-alcoholic mother, Jinx, (Lesley Anne Warren) is more friend than parent and her younger sister, Brandi, (Nicole Hiltz with the great nickname of 'squish') has made some really really bad decisions especially where men are involved.

Her partner, Marshall, is part 'Rainman' and part gunslinger (Frederick Weller). He is also Mary's best friend. The one she teases unmercifully but who she goes to when she needs support the most. The beauty of their relationship is that Marshall knows Mary so well that he spends more time supporting her than trying to change her. He accepts the things a true friend accepts even though he may not like those parts of Mary's personality.

It goes without saying that this is Mary's story. The strength of this program comes from the way that all the supporting characters are as strongly written as Mary's character is. It's worth going back several seasons to start watching the show fresh.


Wings1295 said...

My wife loves this show!

csmith2884 said...

I went back and tried to get my fiance interested. I like the show and where the characters are now but those first few episodes are stinkers, in hindsight. It gets better. I also like how most of the cast of the west wing shows up someplace or sometime.

Cap'n Carrot said...

I like this show, but for some reason I also find myself getting behind on it only to watch three or four episodes at a time (which I think I am again). Of course, there are worse ways to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon than spending a few hours with Mary.

Kal said...

I watched many episodes in a row when I first found this show at the end of it's first season. I prefer to watch my shows in those multiple episode blocks. I find I am more satisfied and not left wanting more.

LegalMist said...

I love this show, too. And I agree, I like it best when I can watch a few new episodes at a time, but lately I can't stand to miss any of the new ones, so there's never a block of three I haven't seen any more! So sad. :(