Sunday, June 26, 2011

Daily Reminder - Even Their Spaceships Freak Me Out

From the Depths
an Artocian Transport
A mix of the living
and the metal
designed for crushing depths
She is fast and sure
and happily glides
from the depths
to the skin of sunlit seas

- image and text from Strange Spanners - Lazarus Lupin's place for his digital art creations. When he nails a particular combination of written word and image, the results are really great. Not that I get his vision all the time but I can appreciate the journey he is trying to take me on. I feel like I have been dropped into an already perfectly formed world with it's own past, present and future. It's no comparison but I do my cat captions in pretty much the same mindset.


kathryn said...

Nice praise for a worthy contributer to the art world, both the visual and written. Thanks for noticing him!

M. D. Jackson said...

Yeah that Lazarus Lupin, he's kind of weird, you know? Not normal like the rest of us are!

DrGoat said...

That is a great image. He seems to have tapped into something best left alone by some people.