Monday, June 27, 2011

The Most Powerful Rings In Fiction 1 - The Mandarin's Rings

As a kid, Ringo Starr was my very first celebrity boyfriend. And he was famous for wearing a lot of rings. However, none of them actually held any superpowers, despite what my kindergartener’s mind led me to believe. The Mandarin’s rings, which he found in a starship (and later found out they were powering that starship) had tons of powers, one for each finger on his hands, and even more than that. Basically, whatever evil the Mandarin wants to inflict on someone, he can do it plus a variation of it with at least one of his rings. He can fire lightning at someone, turn people into ice — or burn them alive, depending on his mood — turn air into gas, turn gas into a solid, or fly himself (or other objects) to another location. The weakest link: the Disintegration Beam Ring on his right ring finger. Because it takes 20 minutes to recharge. Laaaaaaaaaame. And all of them are ineffective against force fields, so hopefully there’s a workaround for that. But nothing that involves using any of the rings together, unless the Mandarin wants to treat himself to an electrostatic shock. Despite those limitations, it seems like the Mandarin has little to complain about providing that he’d mastered how these rings work.

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DrGoat said...

I think he could use the One Ring from you know where.