Friday, June 24, 2011

New Captain America Trailer


Paradox Al said...

Oh man, I'm not watching this trailer. No offense, I'm not trying to be a jerk but I never want to watch trailers of movies I feel like watching at the cinema.

I dunno, maybe I agree with Samuraifrog, who's always saying that trailers show too much of the movie. For example, I watched the 1st Iron Man without watching a single trailer of it, and I think that helped me enjoy it even more! =)

Kal said...

I would like to try that sometime. NOT watch a trailer. But the trailer is usually the first news I get about an upcoming film.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

More actiony plus hints of humanization, humor and character development. That means its about close to release time. They give us the teaser first, then story synopsis trailer than a trailer about the character's arc. After the film is release they'll have a few "soundbite" trailers to remind you that its still around.