Thursday, December 29, 2011

And The Boat Just Kept On Sinking

I can't tell you the joy I had today listening to right wing radio and the way they were losing their shit over the chance that Ron Paul could come first in the Iowa Caucuses next week. So much so that it's have been nothing but hysterical pronouncements about how the world will end under a Paul Administration.

Finally the Republicans have found something they hate and fear more than a black man - someone who wants to end their gravy train just because he can. He sticks his finger in the eye of the military industrial complex and the fat cats of the Republican Party who laughed at him and marginalized his ideas all these years.

Of course he is not going to win but the full out attack against him says more about the lack of ideas or courage in the GOP than it does about Paul. He is just a goofy old man who has people clap when he speaks. Who wouldn't ride that for all it was worth?

I love how Paul just won't die despite the enormous sums of money spent to fight him and his candidacy. What if he asks Palin or Trump to be his VP? Good lord, people would lose what is left of their fucking minds. Jon Stewarts head would explode from all the great comedy material that would result.

Now if you are Obama you are loving all this chaos. The GOP and their incredible lack of focus have guaranteed the President's re-election and maybe cost themselves seats in the House and the Senate. President Obama just might have the votes finally going his way to force some much needed change down people's throats.

All the asshole obstructionists will have to find a way to compromise or find themselves locked out of the discussion. Tell me one thing that Boener or McConnell have done to actually help their country? Just one. Those two broke my first rule of living - don't be a dick.


Paladin said...

"Now if you are Obama you are loving all this chaos."

Hey, look.... something in the world of politics that we agree on. :)

Budd said...

Paul would never choose Palin or Trump as running mates.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Palidin I think you need to expect more from your side's candidates. I am just happy that I like my guy's chances.

I hear what you are saying Paul but it's a nice comedy dream to have.

Paladin said...

Believe me Cal... I do expect more.

Problem is my expectations aren't being met. I hoped that the GOP might produce a candidate that I could actually be enthusiastic about this time around. Last election I was faced with the prospect of Squishy McCain.


I voted for Squishy, but it was a decision similar to being asked if you would rather be punched in the nose or kicked in the balls. Choosing the lesser of two evils is never satisfying. Sometimes you have to do it, though.

Looks like I ain't gettin' no satisfaction this time around either.