Friday, December 30, 2011

Just Because You Are King Of The Jungle Is No Reason To Look Shabby

Cats are cats no matter their size or breed. Tell me this guy doesn't have the best job in the world.

"British animal wrangler Alex Larenty sprays Jamu the Lion with special Lion hairspray, brushes his hair and gives Jamu a lion manicure at the SA Lion Park on August 19, 2011 in Johannesburg, South Africa."

So let me understand this. You have a cat who likes to be primped and manicured and you are wondering WHY he is having trouble mating with the female cats around him? The answer is simple. What you have there is a homosexual lion.

The 'gaydar' of the lioness is a finely tuned instrument. They know that Jamu has a preference for his own gender but they aren't going to tell anyone because he does look fabulous and that is what the male lion is there for - to look so magnificent from a distance that no other males come sniffing about.

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