Thursday, December 29, 2011

Canadian Soldier Action Figures

I love this idea but I hate that they are on the small side like every second action figure they make these days. I have never liked the 3 3/4 inch figures having grown up with 12 inch GI Joe figures. The smaller figures are very well done and incredibly detailed but I have made my choice. I would rather get the action figure of a character I don't already have instead of buying just another Hulk or Spider-Man figure.

A Nova Scotia man is one of three partners behind new action figures sporting Canadian military uniforms that they're trying to get on the market.

Although the figures may not become as popular as G.I. Joe, the first-ever Canadian military action figures are starting to sell quickly in Nova Scotia.

Best friend of a fallen Soldier

I begain with I am Aircraft Structures Technician Instructor in the Canadian Air Force. I am the creator and designer of the first Canadian Action figure. There are 3 figures based of of real soldiers in all 3 elements of the Canadian Military. The first being myself, Air Force, having 3 tours of duty, 2 Afghanistan and Europe. I seen what my fellow soldiers faced and challenged when returned home. The other Being Army and Navy. Creating these figures was my way of saying thanks to present and past military members that have served this country we are so proud of. To remember those who have fallen for our freedom. My first figure i gave to our Honourable Peter MacKay, The Minister Of National Defense, for the thanks he has been there helping and working hard for us military members. The other figure i gave to a best friend of a fallen soldier on his wedding day. Here is where i begain. One afternoon i was picking my children up at a after school center, one of the operators knew about my figure project and ask if i could sell her one to give to her new son-in-law on his wedding day because his best friend/ bestman was killed in Afghanistan a few months earlier. This is the reason i created these figures so i customized a figure based off of the Military member killed while serving his country. I placed him on a Maple Leaf made out of maple wood and gave it to the mother of the Bride. She then gave it to him and tears ran down his face, as i was told. The groom now has had his best friend at his wedding and in his pocket where ever he goes.This is the reason for Heroes Force, Lest we Forget.

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