Friday, December 30, 2011

I Hate The Man's Politics

But DAMN, I can't argue with his choice of 'Girl Fridays'. This girl is a rare beauty. Her name is Im Ji Hye, which conveniently is also my Asian rap name. Brother

Paladin posted this over at his site. I should tell you all that he is my 'go to' weapons guy for the Apocalypse. I know that I hate guns but even I am practical when zombies are involved.


Paladin said...

Maybe Congress should institute "Girl Friday" as a regular part of the legislative schedule?.... Who knows what bridges might be built between Left and Right :)

Paladin said...

And lest anyone be fooled by Cal's modesty in regards to his own skill with weaponry - Rest assured he is down with the struggle when it comes to stamping out the Evil Cephalopod Menace.

Here's a pic I took of him during a recent mission to Afghanistan where we battled Extremist Octopus Jihadis. His Call-sign was "Tacti-Cal". We squabbled over Politics over Coffee every evening - but we always had each other's backs when things got down and dirty:

"But Paladin", you might say, "There are no Octopuses in Afghanistan!"

Damn straight there aren't. Not any more.