Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Her Name Is Rio

Darius over at Adventures in Nerdliness posted this video and did a little write-up about Duran Duran. It's funny how such a video is now seen by me as a neat little piece of pop culture nostalgia. At one time it made me sick.

This band represents everything I hate and love about 80s pop music - style over substance, perfect hair, flash and bright colors. All the worst editing tricks and excesses are found in this video. Enjoy the memories, kids.

Bonus points if you can tell me where this group got their name from.

Duran Duran - Rio by EMI_Music


DrGoat said...


Garz said...

got their name from barbarella movie.... wow I hav't seen the movie or video in 20 years.

Nathan said...

A dildo? No, wait, that was Steely Dan.