Thursday, December 29, 2011

You Know I Can't Let This Go

You should all be proud of me. I lasted one day before I just had to repost this comment that Michael left on my post about his terrific cosplay photographs. American Comicon is a great site with some of the best cosplay photos out there.

I forget too often that I AM a pretty cool guy. Comments like this remind me that people appreciate what I do more than I will ever know. Those of you who blog understand why comments like this are GOLD.

Holy Cow! Wow. You featured me! Thank you so very much. That's just.. wow. I check your blog every day (often more than once), and no kidding its an honor to be featured in such a fashion on your blog. I think we've talked before (long time ago) and I think I mentioned to you that you and another blogger were the inspiration for me to chose the blog-world as the best way to display the comic-con pics I take. So... to see my stuff actually featured on YOUR blog under the American Comicon name is just.. well.. Thank you again. This is like a big deal to me. All my best, as always. ~ Michael V. Partsch: American Comicon Guy. :)