Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Everyone Loves A Parade?

What do you all think about holding a huge parade in New York City for all the returning soldiers from Iraq? Is it appropriate or even necessary while soldiers still fight in Afghanistan? Is it all a show that will no doubt be used for nefarious purposes by those in power? Shouldn't these kind of celebrations be a local matter?

I have no problem with a parade in a unit's home town when they are deployed back to the US. They do events like that all the time. I know from being a base brat as a kid. It will mean more to the people who really deserve the celebration - the families who have held it together while their loved one risked their lives.

I also fear that such a ticker-tape event would be a very tempting target for any number of terrorist cells.

I feel bad that it looks like Iran will be rockin' and rollin' over the Straight of Hormus and that mean more soldiers in harm's way. It's remarkable how the military industrial complex finds a way to make use of the deadly products they create and make money off the misery from both sides. The wars just never end.

But I suppose it's time that the tiny dictator in Tehran deserves a spanking. He's another freak that does nothing to advance the cause of civilization - he and the rest of his theocratic lunatic cabal.

Can't we use the military for civil emergencies like floods and fires and hurricanes? Can't we use their skills with logistics and heavy equipment to repair vital infrastructures within their nations?

They could be trained in all kinds of techniques needed by first responders to do the best job with search and rescue. After a time of service these soldiers should have their education paid for if they choose to upgrade their educations. It's a win/win for everyone. Need meets Opportunity. It's a fair system that rewards the country for their sacrifice in way that foreign ways never can.


Sarah said...

Ah...the age old "butter vs guns" argument.

I wish we could only spend on butter, but it'll get taken away if we don't spend at least some on guns.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That is a great arguement. I can go along with that.