Friday, November 23, 2012

My Thoughts On Star Wars Part VII

I have been downloading a lot of comic books from Dark Horse's Star Wars line of comic books to familiarize myself with the other characters in the expanded Universe that had their adventures before New Hope and after Return of the Jedi.

Watching the Jedi Younglings in action over the past three weeks of the Clone Wars cartoon has convinced me that this may be the best way to go if additional chapters in the saga get made by Disney, now that they own the rights. The young demographic that Disney so cherishes would see themselves in these characters and grow up alongside them like we all did with the kids of Harry Potter.

They could cast a group of young people and concentrate on their adventures in a time when the Jedi are rebuilding their ranks while still dealing with the menace of the Sith and their corruption of the Force. You could mine alot out of the relationships since several of the kids are the children of Han and Leia and Luke and Mara Jade.

Bringing back the parents would also firmly ground the new films and be a nice nod to old fans of the franchise like myself. Those adult heroes were the ones we first fell in love with and I for one would love to see Chewbacca carrying around the children of Han Solo in some kind of furry Baby Bjorn while on the run from Sith agents who themselves would be hunting down any children who had the potential to become Jedi. This would also be a great HBO style TV series if you could get Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill to sign on the production.

The Young Jedi Knights all grown up (Jaina and Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, Zekk, Lowbacca, Raynar Thul, Anakin Solo, and Tahiri Veila)

Some people are more keen on going back centuries before New Hope to the origins of the Jedi order and how they first learned to manipulate the Force and become the guardians of the peace. I wouldn't be a bit disappointed to see Yoda when he himself was just a youngling.

There are so many directions they can go.

So what do you think? Do they take what has been already created in the many comic book series and adapt something using those characters (like Mara Jade and her son, the reluctant Jedi Cade Skywalker or The Rogue Squadron) or should they just start from scratch with an entirely new story, not related to any of the characters or situations that we have seen before?

You can find all the following graphic novels HERE where you can also read a short description of what each volume is about. There is alot of good stuff out there that has been lovingly created by many people whose affection for the Star Wars Universe is without question.




david_b said...

"Chewbacca carrying 'round the children of Han Solo"...??

Gag me. "Seriously..?"

Sorry, sir, cannot get into any of this "SW:The Next Generation"-type dribble. It ruins the coolness of the original characters and special love at least "I" felt back in May of 1977.., first watching "Star Wars" (NOT "Episode 4: A New Hope", etc..).

I know franchises are to be milked and milked until any last whiff of orignal magic is totally desecrated. I'm more a purist; Only a fan of the first two films.

Once I spent more time during ROTJ lookin' at Ewoks and other characters as 'Hmm, which action figure's coming out next..?', it was over for me.

Of course, I'm still waiting on the exclusive Bea Arthur and Art Carney figures from the "Star Wars Holiday Special".., one beloved property I KNOW will never be besmirched by the special revisionistic hands of Lucasfilms, Inc.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I guess as someone who learning the ins and outs of the business side of creative the past couple years I've been more interested in who will be in charge of this operation. All sorts of names have been flying about but my favorite potential director would have to be Brad Bird. His credits speak for themselves, but he's also really into old comics, vehicles, movies and serials from the '40s and '50s, the same kinds of things that inspired Lucas originally, so I think that makes him the most natural choice.

As for whats next, I'm looking for a post "Return of the Jedi" story with Han, Luke and Leia in small supporting roles to build up a new generation a la Star Trek 2009. The prequels were very Jedi centric so I'm hoping to see some Badass Normal types in the lead this time.

Something I would love to see in a new Star Wars trilogy would be a larger role for women. I hated Padme in the prequels, making her a senator and dress model like some kind of Role Model Barbie but then she acts like a complete xenophobe. Only taking action to take back the planet when she had an army of disposable frogmen to throw at the droid army. She didn't show a single emotion for Sand People genocide but when he boyfriend kills human kids well thats just going too far!

I loved Leia because she didn't take crap from anyone, even when she was being "rescued" and she was the best shot of the whole group, but has taken a lot of flak for being "the only woman in the universe".

In the past Kal you've posted cosplay pics of Rebel Pilot Ladies and I've commeted "Yeah! Sisters in the Trenches!" Its a rebellion and everybody's gonna do what they can.

Hobgoblin238 said...

Bring on Episode 7! Want to see returning Luke and company. WANT to see new action figures and vehicles. WANT to see new playsets. I am a Star Wars whore now.

Kal said...

Oh come on, you KNOW Chewbacca would be the best nanny in the galaxy. I am not such a purist that I can't stand anything new, especially new movies. The Clone Wars series and those short Clone Wars vignettes made by the same guy who made 'Samurai Jack' concinced me (along with the Dark Horse comics) have opened my eyes to a larger Star Wars Universe which is every bit as cool as the stuff that came before....and you will never find a person who has a deeper connection to the original Star Wars than me. Seeing that film for the first time was a seminal moment in my life. I want to see what creative people who have grown up with that Universe like me have their chance to tell interesting stories. It's gonna happen dude. Don't be one to come late to the party.

Unless you want 20 more Twilight Films instead.

david_b said...

"Don't Be one to come late to the party"...?

Yeah, like THAT'S goin' to happen. That is one party I'll be missin' for sure.

Sorry, I refuse to keep paying for yet ANOTHER Lucas palace, especially NOT with all the new taxes for next year..

Indeed, count your blessings you DON'T live in America, sir.

Drake said...

I want a cgi(because he's being busy with that whole dead schitck) Graham Chapman to pop right after the credits as copper saying "That's It! Stop This Nonsense! This joke has gone on too STOP FILMING!" and we fade to black....

D.I. Felipe González said...

I´m skeptic either way.

david_b said...

Right On, Drake..!!

Love the Python reference.

'Spot On' on how this drizzle has gone on. Just NOT a fan of 'next generation' type fan stuff.

Trek-NG..? Now that was the sole exception, thanks to Stewart, Frakes, Spiner and good ensemble writing, although the movies after 'First Contact' got pretty weak and insipid, and the Enterprise got sillier and sillier lookin'.

Anonymous said...

Here is my thought.

I think going this direction is posdibly the best option. Why because the original cast (yes I am talking about Harrison Ford) are getting too old. As much as I like them I feel that jumping ahead 25 to 30 years is the best option. Either that or do a Young Jedi Knights approach. Like you said Kal the recent Clone War episodes with the Younglings were fun. So as long as I don't have Stormtroopers breaking into a song and dance routine I be fine.