Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Magic Of Medussa




Super-Duper ToyBox said...

i love the new FF Medusa outfit! Mike Allred frickin' rules- first issue was great, looking forward to the rest

david_b said...

ALWAYS LOVED Medusa. I came in to the FF (vaguely recalling my intense love for the '60s animated series) back around 1973, and loved her as Sue's replacement. The team just needed an improved visual appearance, was looking a bit stale with the tail end of Kirby's tenure.

And she was definitely IT.

Will have to check out the latest outfit by Allred.

When I saw the pic name 'Medusa Bust', my inner 13yr old soul went pitter-patter for a moment.

I still wonder, for all the mixed results he had on his '70s return stint, I don't know why Marvel didn't offer Kirby their short-loved 'Inhumans' title. Not too many folks were reading it, and he sort of created 'em anyways.

Instead we had to put up with him on 2001 and Captain America, which wasn't all that good.

Kal said...

Maybe he thought the Inhumans were too much like the New Gods stuff he was doing over at DC at the time.

david_b said...
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david_b said...

Probably. I had spoken up my suggestion at the BAB site, but Doug apparently thought his self-writing would have been terrible, like we saw in CA&F..

As I retorted, weren't THAT many folks buyin' the mag to begin with, so what would have been the loss..??

'Course the early Perez work was nice to see, but if he was looking for a title to resuscitate (and they WEREN'T letting him near the FF's main title..), couldn't think of a better one.

His brief stint on Black Panther was painful as well. Actually his writing wasn't too bad in the 70s, just anachronistic, and after the relevant gains made by Englehart on Cap, MacGregor on Panther, and the current storylines in FF, the King just didn't fit in well anymore.

A sad chapter.

Kal said...

I don't blame Kirby for anything that happen at that time. He just put his head down and drew his ass off. They should have supported the great man instead of marginalizing him like Marvel did.