Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Morning Lost Movie Gem

This will be the time of the week when I will encourage you to find a certain movie that may have passed you buy and watch it. It will be one that may have escaped your notice but I promise each and every one of them will be brilliant and totally worth the time and effort you will put into seeing them. I also suspect it will be one you will further recommend to all your friends.

Today's Feature - Cold Comfort Farm

The film starred Kate Beckinsale as Flora, Joanna Lumley (also famed from her role as Patsy in the British TV comedy "Absolutely Fabulous") as her friend and mentor Mary Smiling, Rufus Sewell as Seth, Ian McKellen as Amos Starkadder, Eileen Atkins as Judith, Stephen Fry as Mybug, Miria Margolyes as Mrs. Beetle, and Angela Thorne as Mrs Hawk-Monitor.

The 1995 version was produced by Gramercy Pictures, in collaboration with BBC Films and Thames International, and was helmed by Academy Award-winning director John Schlesinger, from a script by novelist and scholar Sir Malcolm Bradbury. It was filmed on location at Brightling, East Sussex. In 1996, this new version also had a brief theatrical run in North America and Australia. The 1995 Cold Comfort Farm is available on DVD in both the US and UK.