Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Teddy Roosevelt - Trust Buster / Sasquatch Fighter

The last great Republican President who actually cared about the keeping corporations from becoming the huge monsters they have morphed into today. He understood that when profit was the only dirving factor in business that a lot of little people got crushed in the process. Thanks for Brother Erik for sending this clip to me.



Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Glad you liked the clip Kal. Its surreal seeing Teddy in a spoof of Ghostbuster knowing that Bill Murray is playing his cousin Franky in FDR biopic this Christmas.

david_b said...

Love the clip, but there's a lot to the 'Free Enterprise' system you aren't understanding.

I was against major players like Disney, Microsoft and LucasFilms ruining it for small independents as well, but when these large behemoths start buying up the industry, everyone I know (including liberals) all seem to ready/willing to jump on board.

Not happy with special interests being given unequal resources, but clearly both sides are equally guilty, despite what agenda's being pushed to convince otherwise. I recall reading a lot of small businesses being given excellent incentives during Bush 43. My wife ran a small business back then (furniture reupholstering/refinishing..), and she took advantage of great bank incentives being offered at the time.

Love Teddy...!!

Kal said...

In truth I hate that Disney has the Star Wars characters now but if anyone can preserve them in SOME way that keeps them a pure as possible it's the Mouse. I hate it but it's the lesser of many evils.